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Majin Trunks Music Videos Online

Today is a bit of a late posts as all of Majin Trunks’ music videos were online last night and you ca view them all from the website here or on our YouTube Channel. I’m working to get all the music videos online and also working to get some new content and the community forums back going. They are online again and working and I’m very sorry about the downtime I had with it. When I moved the site that data was lost. However it wasn’t very much data lost.


I’ll be sending out a newsletter shortly about this week’s updates and if you have any questions you can send me an email at or use our contact form.


The All new Majin Planet?

Hello everyone and welcome to 2014! I wanted everyone to be aware if you haven’t noticed already that we’re back on our new/old domain name. is now the official domain name for Majin Planet. You might be wondering why change it after being on a .com for so many years?

The main reason was we’ve moved. I didn’t want there to be any downtime so the best way to move was to set up the .net, rebuild the website (which is still in the process such as the forms are down), this allow me to get things down without worry. Now the question of should I change it back over. No need to do that, in fact we’re going to be changing domains again when ever the new domain names come out.

Yes I’m going to be pushing to get something new and cool which will put all the old majin planet domains to rest finally; they’ll still work but things will be much easier when it comes down to it.


YouTube Copyright Issues

As some of you might have read or watched, there has been some kind of new YouTube Copyright automatic system added that will flag just about anything that’s set to be copyright. This has affected everyone including videos that would normally fall under fair-use.

What does this mean for Majin Planet? Well this means I wont be uploading any more videos to YouTube, the problem is I don’t have the server space or power to host all our videos and the file sharing sites to upload videos are slowly becoming more and more controlled and if it’s not something 100% created by you (video and audio) it gets taken down or you simply can’t make any money off it.

Now I’m not someone to make loads of cash off the music videos created by me as well as the other editors we’ve had over the years. However the little bit of money made from those ads showed that I get paid for as well as the ads shown on Majin helps and as anyone who nows me knows that I put 110%+ more of the cash made (as well as my own money) back into the site.

The last Fight Club we had the winner got $50 dollars which came out of my own pocket, the domain fees I pay every year/2 years plus the monthly fee to keep the server and host all this content all cost money out of my pocket. Even with the success of my other website, I still haven’t seen any real money from Google or YouTube or any other ads I run, it getting close but still the amount I’ll get paid vs what I’ve spent for the last 2 years.. won’t cover it.

Google pays you once you hit $100 and I’ll be honest with you I’m half way right now. The yearly domain fee is $10.95 the server cost me $9.95 times 12 months which comes to $119.40. That’s $130.35 I spend a year to run Majin Planet, once I add in the other small projects I try out (which end up failing due to lack of time) so really there is just Majin Planet and Hunter Mastery, so you can toss on another $10.95 a year I spend on the main domain. However, did I tell you that I own the domains of .com, .org, .net, .info of Majin Planet? Also Hunter Mastery I own .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .mobli and .us so when you really add that all up it’s well over $200 a year I spend out of my own pocket to keep this website up.

Did I tell you that Majin Planet is Free? Did I tell you Hunter Mastery is free?

Yes bother websites are 100% free there are no join and pay me x amount a month to see content, there are no hidden cost. All the content is free, all I do is have ads up and hopefully I draw enough traffic to make it worth wild. With these new changes to YouTube, right now nothing on my YouTube page has been removed but I’m afraid if I do upload anything new it’ll get flagged and if you get 3 flags on the account they delete your channel and given the content in the videos, Anime I doubt I could fight getting the channel backup.

The fact is in the last 3 years I’ve already lost 2 YouTube Channels, the original channel was another was and bother were removed due to copyright calms. So you can see why the latest channel I haven’t really gone out of my way to promote the site because I don’t want some automatic system flagging it due to it getting traffic and I haven’t tried to set any videos on the new channel to make me any money from.

Is this fair? Maybe it is, I understand that YouTube need to protect itself to stay free and they are being sue like crazy for the full episodes and movies being put up. And then the music as well, but you know I don’t care about the music people because they are getting what they deserve. My point in today’s post, is I’m not sure of the future of Majin Planet music videos at this time, hopefully things change or I find another way to get those videos online and for free so that everyone can enjoy them once again.

Majin Vegeta

14 Years of Evil

Today is December 13th 2014, it doesn’t seem like that long but it’s been 14 years now since Majin Planet first came to be under the watchful eyes of MajinMebs and so many others after. For some people Majin Planet was a way of life, we had the best music videos and the best community within the anime community.

I know I haven’t been very active on here, that’s all going to change in 2014 however, I’m going to start being more active on here. I’m going to have more time and also I’m going to bring the forums back again, this time officially for good running it within the system of the site itself.

Until then I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Happy Birthday Majin Planet, still going strong since 1999!


The NU Birthday!

Hello everyone, today is my 31st Birthday and I wanted to make a post because well I haven’t been posting anything in a while and I know I’m behind on some things. Well that’s going to slowly change because I’m going to be hoping to get some of the older music videos up online for everyone to enjoy. I wanted to take the time today to talk about some of my other websites below and share my future plans for Majin Planet.

Hunter Mastery, Film Mastery, Neckar Unrivaled and Majin Planet

For those who don’t know those are the four websites I currently run. You can check them out below.

Hunter Mastery – My World of Warcraft Hunter and Gold Making Blog
Film Mastery – My entertainment website, focus on movies, TV shows, comics and reviews.
Majin Planet – This website!
Neckar Unrivaled – My relaunched Web Design and Tech website.

Some of the plans I have for this website is the first one being uploading all the past music videos from all the past creators. The Facebook page has been going really well and I’m pretty happy about that. I’m going to be spending more time posting to Facebook with little posts and topics. I’m also going to be doing something for this years birthday for Majin Planet which will be on the December 13th 2013; 14 years of being evil!

Also I want to take the time to thank every one of you for visiting and supporting Majin Planet and I hope to have another 10 years of evil with everyone! Again I couldn’t have done it without all of you. So for everything, the downs and lows I thank you all, thanks you so much. Today I’m going to be hanging out and relaxing, lucky for me it’s my day off from work too!