What’s up?


Hey everyone I haven’t posted in a really long time. I think the last thing I posted on Twitter was that I was gonna be putting up Fuze’s music videos that existed once on Majin Planet. Well that still hasn’t happen sadly because I’ll be honest I’ve been busy and sort of forgot about Majin […]

Majin Trunks Music Videos Online


Today is a bit of a late posts as all of Majin Trunks’ music videos were online last night and you ca view them all from the website here or on our YouTube Channel. I’m working to get all the music videos online and also working to get some new content and the community forums […]

The All new Majin Planet?


Hello everyone and welcome to 2014! I wanted everyone to be aware if you haven’t noticed already that we’re back on our new/old domain name. Majin-Planet.net is now the official domain name for Majin Planet. You might be wondering why change it after being on a .com for so many years? The main reason was […]

YouTube Copyright Issues


As some of you might have read or watched, there has been some kind of new YouTube Copyright automatic system added that will flag just about anything that’s set to be copyright. This has affected everyone including videos that would normally fall under fair-use. What does this mean for Majin Planet? Well this means I […]