Welcome 2015, the new Era of Evil!

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2015, holy crap has it been a very long time since the last time I’ve posted here. I’m sure most of you simply come by checking on the site, remembering the good old days right? Well those days are long gone, as for one the era of making music videos for Majin Planet has come to an end. I wanted to tell everyone that while those times are over doesn’t mean that the war is over. Majin Planet in 2015 is back!

I’m down sizing in what I’m going to talk about, I’m going to be doing some really cool things, I have some more reviews I plan on doing, this means a total start over from the first Saga of Dragon Ball, all the way to Dragon Ball GT, then to Dragon Ball Kai, the English versions, the new season of Kai as well as all the movies!

I think that will give us all something to go back and remember, to see the point of view of the now vs how we felt 10 years ago. Also I have some plans on creating something freaking amazing for Majin Planet this year! As you might know this year is going to be 16 years since Majin Planet was first created by Majin Mebs, now while last year was the 15th year, I end up missing doing anything special for you guys and I feel really bad about this. I’m not going to go about and tell you I’m sorry or make up something as to why nothing was done.

What I’m going to do is going to be better. First off I’m going to be creating a t-shirt which I’m going to sell here on the website as well as the Facebook page. Today when I looked at the Facebook page for Majin Planet it made me realize that the dream is still alive! Yes.. we now have over 1,000 fans following Majin Planet on Facebook, that is down right amazing!

I’m thrilled and I want to thank you, every one of you for all your support! With that a few things I want to let you all know about. I’m head over working full-time right now, so that really limits my time, I’m not as active on the Twitter account as I should be nor am I on the Facebook page even with the rising in the last year of likes and followers. That being said I plan on doing a few things for everyone.

First long with the reviews of the series, I’m also going to work on getting the rest of the videos on YouTube and on the website here for everyone to watch again. I’m also going to be looking for some people to help out, I’ll be posting about it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m simply looking for some people to talk about Dragon Ball, that can be anything from music videos, live action stuff, the anime, games and even what if stuff such as if we’ll ever get anything new besides movies, such as a new anime series of manga.

Also I want to discuss some about the online game Dragon Ball Online which was supposed to be a MMO game in the way that World of Warcraft is, but for some reason it simply fell apart and never saw it outside of beta and is now officially closed. While from my understanding some people are working on a mod version to get the game back. So that is something I want to talk about here as well. I’ll be doing reviews on all the past music videos and give you what I think about them.

Also this is a call out to anyone who might know about where Majin Mebs,¬†Corrupted Avatar, Lord Steel, Fuze, and anyone else who might have once been apart of Majin Planet, either working with the website as a staff member, co-webmaster, webmaster, admin of the old forums or heck even as a member of the community. Leave me a comment, email me! [email protected] is where you can get ahold of me. I’m looking for you! Also there is also a small chance that the forums might come back. I feel that forums these days are not as popular as they once where and the amount of time required to run them is something I don’t have.

I’m also aware that there are some really bad errors and url issues with the current layout, to which point I’ll be updating to a different layout at some point this week.

As things stand I’ll be at least making one update or content post per-week, that is my set goal for the moment. I have upcoming soon, a new personal blog called BeastMastery.website which will feature all my updates on Majin Planet, Hunter Master, DorkVader Club and any and all future updates and projects. While you can still come here directly for updates, you can also visit Beast Mastery for all updates to everything I’m doing.

Until next time my evil followers, this is Richard aka The NU, formerly Darth Unrivaled heading out! And Remember, Are we Evil? Yes we are!

A Look Inside Pro Wrestling School

If you haven’t heard yet and this is your first time hearing about it then, you’re in luck. I want to share something pretty amazing with all the Majin Planet Followers, readers and anyone who happens to past this post. Our former webmaster, friend and fellow evil follower, Prince Majin Trunks is back!

Only in a whole new level, something even greater than his time here on Majin Planet. He needs funding for a project that he’s starting called Wrestling University – A Look Inside Pro Wrestling School.

Some of you might not know, but he was training to become a pro wrestler and his dream was cut short due to being hurt and breaking his ankle.


He’s starting up a documentary that takes you behind the scenes of pro wrestling school. Here at Majin Planet I totally support him. So even if all you can give is $1. That’d be a great help to him in getting this project underway.

So Come and all Majin followers, our former webmaster needs your support. Everyone who is a Majin Planet Follower and donates at least $1 I’ll figure out something awesome to do for you all.

If you have a Facebook, share this post. Toss it on Google+, Twitter, whatever you feel you can do. His goal is $3,650 and I feel that the Majin Planet Community can support this. Let’s get it done!

What’s up?

Hey everyone I haven’t posted in a really long time. I think the last thing I posted on Twitter was that I was gonna be putting up Fuze’s music videos that existed once on Majin Planet. Well that still hasn’t happen sadly because I’ll be honest I’ve been busy and sort of forgot about Majin Planet.

Today I did some major updating, I upgraded our theme to something that looks pretty awesome and not only that some new plugins and some outdated ones removed.

What do I have planned?

Well to be honest I’ve been thinking of doing some updates here, talking about the state of Music Videos in terms of DBZ and I might even go out and find some new upcoming stars and featured them here. As far as getting our full music video collection back up, that’s gonna take time.

I will be making updates on Twitter as time goes on, so do follow us on Twitter @MajinPlanet. If you have any questions please let me know.

As a side note about the forums, I’ve decided to shut it down fully, two reasons. First I couldn’t find anything I really liked that worked with WordPress, I didn’t have time to really spend setting it up. Also I don’t have time to admin them anymore which I rather not have a forum vs having one full of spam or a dead on with no posts going on.

14 Years of Evil

Today is December 13th 2014, it doesn’t seem like that long but it’s been 14 years now since Majin Planet first came to be under the watchful eyes of MajinMebs and so many others after. For some people Majin Planet was a way of life, we had the best music videos and the best community within the anime community.

I know I haven’t been very active on here, that’s all going to change in 2014 however, I’m going to start being more active on here. I’m going to have more time and also I’m going to bring the forums back again, this time officially for good running it within the system of the site itself.

Until then I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Happy Birthday Majin Planet, still going strong since 1999!